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Common Sense Ain't So Common

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My Agony

Name: GurenSG, Guren
Birthday: June 4
Gender: Female
Height: 171cm um i think thats about 5'7 feet?
Blood type: B or O not really sure cause i never got it checked >.<

I just created a LiveJournal account because my friend narcista said it would be a good idea. Hah. Sucks when she's right! 8D

I needed a place where I could rant about the things that perk my interest, there will be reviews of manga/anime/music/movies/events etc. in the journal. I do try to make the posts unbiased when I'm reviewing something but it's not always easy.

So yea, I'm a pretty easy person to get along with and if we don't get along it will most probably be because we're just way too different. I like loads of things, but to sum it all up I like Japan and its culture/language/art/history and everything else. I'm open minded about everyone/everything so it really doesnt matter where you come from or who you are, i sure as hell will accept you, the good and the bad. :)

I'm a j-rock fan as well I simply adore The GazettE and as you might have guessed Ruki's my favorite, I do adore the rest of the guys too of course. Other j-rock musicians I listen to include: Alice Nine, Nightmare, SID, SCREW... (non-j-rock bands include: H.I.M., Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Nightwish etc.)

I like manga/anime a hell of a lot. I've been reading Naruto for years now and I won't stop until it ends. 8D I admit I'm a bit of a yaoi fangirl, I fucking love yaoi, so if you're not into it then we sure as hell won't get along. Sorry.

I write fanfiction for my favorite fandoms/anime/manga. I adore writing and I'm so pleased when my readers love the stories I come up with. :]

I'm also a good friend LJ wise (and in the outside world too I hope xD), I comment and read all the entries my f-list posts so you can expect a comment from me. But if we do become friends it would be nice of you to drop by every now and then as well. ^-^


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narcista is also the talented best friend in the world who has made all the banners I use. I love her to death <333